3BAYS GSA PRO - Golf Swing Analyzer (For iOS, White)

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3BAYS GSA PRO - Golf Swing Analyzer 特点

Our ORIGINAL. your savior.

Get the original 3Bays Pro golf swing analyzer on sale now while supplies last. The 3Bays Pro is the same size, weight and location of the 3Bays Zone and Putt, making it inconspicuous to your swing. Equipped with advance motion sensors, the 3Bays Pro digitize your swing motion and instantly delivers essential swing metrics with instant 2D swing plane playback to help beginner golfers gain the knowledge they need to improve their game, for less!

  • CLUB HEAD SPEED - This shows you how fast the club head is traveling as it hits the ball, a general indicator of how your swing performs.
  • FACE ANGLE - Monitor your face angle at impact relative to your face angle at address.
  • SWING PATH - The swing path is where the downswing is relative to the backswing path, assuming the backswing is on plane.
  • TEMPO - Swing tempo presents the rhythm (in ration) of your swing speed during the backswing and downswing. The ration is derived from the backswing time and downtime time.
  • BACK SWING TIME - The back swing time gives you the time taken (in seconds) to swing from set up to the top of the backswing. It can be shown up to 2 decimals of a second.
  • IMPACT FORCE - Impact force presents the amount of force in lbs/kg when you hit the ball. The higher the number means the more solid you hit the ball. This is especially helpful for your short game when strength and distance is more challenging to gauge.
  • BALL SPEED - A mathematical calculation of the attainable speed of the golf ball when it leaves the club head at impact.
  • CARRY DISTANCE - A mathematical calculation of what the ball carry should be based on the loft angle of the club you chose on the app and the club head speed.
  • "BEST" SWING COMPARISON - Set any of your putting strokes, or your instructors', as your "best," then see a side-by-side comparison between your "best" and latest swings to help make adjustments.
  • PRO COMPARISON - See how your swing stacks up against the pros. The GSA Pro app comes pre-loaded with PGA coach Rob Eastwood and LPGA coach Penny Pulz's swings. Consider them your free, virtual trainer available anytime and anywhere.
  • AUTO-VIDEO RECORDING - In-app, hands-free video recording let's you examine your body and ball position in either frame-by-frame slow motion or full speed.
    Remarks: Video recording feature available for iOS devices only.
  • TRACK YOUR RESULTS - All swings are stored automatically in-app under the selected club. Or, easily sync your swings to the 3BaysCloud to compare, share and advance your analysis on any device.
In the Box:
  • GSA Pro sensor
  • Leather Carrying Case
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free iOS or Android app
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