3BAYS GSA PUTT - Golf Putting Analyzer (For Android, Black)

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3BAYS GSA PUTT - Golf Putting Analyzer 特点


3Bays� 9 axis putting sensor captures even the most subtle movement so you can uncover the science behind your stroke and sink more putts. This game-changing device can help any golfer increase consistent and confidence and cut strokes off your scorecard.

One of the easiest ways to improve your golf score is to sink more putts. That's why 3Bays worked tirelessly to develop the world's only swing analyzer specially for putting. Improve your stroke, attack angle and create a consistent stroke to drain more putts and improve your game.

Light and inconspicuous
The compact device is smartly designed to plug into your putter grip, making it absolutely unobstructive to your putting motion. Set-up is simple. Just plug it in, connect to your smartphone, then you are ready to take your putting to the next level. Your putting line, however, is up to you.

See your putting stroke like never before and help improve contact with the ball, direction and distance.
  • SWING PATH - 2D visual of your swing path helps teach you to keep your stoke consistent and square at impact.
  • SWING TIME - Understand your back swing and down swing time within 2 decimals of a second.
  • IMPACT SPEED - Check how fast your putter head is moving at impact to help perfect the velocity and pace of your putts.
  • TEMPO - Rhythm and timing are the most important factors in distance control. Create a consistent, smooth tempo to help get closer, more often.
Square off your club and create a smoother stroke to help guide the ball to its home.
  • FACE ANGLE - Your face angle is the most important factor for ball direction. Compare your face angle at impact and address and keep your ball heading in the right place.
  • ATTACK ANGLE -Understand the vertical (up-down) angle at which your putter head is moving at impact and improve how smooth your ball launches off your club.
  • "BEST" SWING COMPARISON - Set any of your putting strokes, or your instructors, as your "best," then see a side-by-side comparison between your "best" and latest swings to help make adjustments.
  • PRO COMPARISON - See how your swing stacks up against the pros. The GSA Putt app comes pre-loaded with PGA coach Rob Eastwood's putts for your reference. Consider him your free, virtual trainer available anytime and anywhere.
  • AUTO-VIDEO RECORDING - In-app, hands-free video recording let's you examine your body and ball position in either frame-by-frame slow motion or full speed.
  • TRACK YOUR RESULTS - All swings are stored automatically in-app under the selected club. Or, easily sync your swings to the 3BaysCloud to compare, share and advance your analysis on any device.
Perfect your putt with key metrics
Besides stoke path animation, GSA PUTT app provides an objective measurement of your stroke with meaningful metrics.

In the Box
  • GSA Putt sensor
  • Leather Carrying Case
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free iOS or Android app
  • 重量: 0.30kg


  • Dimension : 29.3mm x 18mm (Device only) / 29.3mm x 43mm (Full length)
  • Size & Weight : 9.8g
  • Bluetooth Connection : 2.1
  • Battery time: 6 hourse of use, 7 days standby