3BAYS GSA ZONE - Golf Swing Analyzer (For Android / iOS, White)

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3BAYS GSA ZONE - Golf Swing Analyzer 特点


Drop your score by uncovering hidden dynamics of your swing. Simply plug the 3Bays Zone into the top of your club and swing away. 3Bays' state-of-the-art technology digitizes your stroke into 10,000 data points then instantly shows you accurate, valuable stats that matter along with 4-sided 3D playback. Eliminate doubt and illuminate your game.

The last thing you want in an analyzer is something that impedes your swing. That's why we made the size and weight of our analyzers a top priority in development. The 3Bays Zone easily slips into any pocket, making it possible to provide a detailed analysis of your swing wherever your clubs go.

With over 10,000 data points analyzing your swing, Zone let's you pinpoint areas of your swing that can be corrected for optimal performance. Zone lets you set your "best swing" so you can compare your movements and share them with an instructor who can help you to make adjustments to improve your game.

Hit it big with 3Bays' proprietary "Power Zone" formula, alongside data showing exactly how close your backswing is to parallel, club head speed and impact force. 3Bays helps any golfer easily add power without sacrificing accuracy.
  • TOP OF BACKSWING - Avoid over-swinging and losing accuracy or under-swinging and losing power by seeing exactly how close each backswing is to parallel. Remove the guesswork and add yards.
  • CLUB HEAD SPEED - Swing faster, not harder; it's the #1 way to create a highly efficient, controlled swing. 3Bays measures even the most subtle details so you can track and improve your club head speed to help hit the ball further.
  • CARRY DISTANCE - Now you don't need to guess how far you've hit the ball, we'll calculate the carry distance for you based on your swing data with over 90% accuracy.
  • POWER ZONE - Master the moment of truth when your weight, wrists and clubs are driving towards impact with 3Bay's proprietary power zone and release point indicators.
Distance doesn't matter if it leads you to trouble. Improve your accuracy as well with 3Bays' instant 3D playback alongside enlightening data that depicts your face angle, tempo and shaft lean at impact to help you hit more fairways and greens.
  • 3D SWING PATH - Groove a great swing with the only instant 4-sided, 3D playback. See your complete swing in real-speed or up to 1/8 slow-mo.
  • SHAFT LEAN - Hitting the ball too thin or fat? See how your hands and club head drive forward through impact to help you hit it crispy clean.
  • FACE ANGLE - Open, square, closed? Track your face angle at address and impact and start hitting more targets.
  • TEMPO - Better tempo, better swing. 3Bay equips you with a more scientific way to track the age-old saying: slow and go.
Remember that one shot? We do too. Compare each swing with your best ones or the pros to help make adjustments and track your swing progress.
  • "BEST" SWING COMPARISON - Set any of your swings, or your instructors, as your "best," then see a side-by-side comparison between your "best" and latest swings to help make adjustments
  • PRO COMPARISON - See how your swing stacks up against the pros. The GSA Zone app comes pre-loaded with PGA coach Rob Eastwood's swings. Consider him your free, virtual coach available anytime and anywhere.
  • AUTO-VIDEO RECORDING - In-app, hands-free video recording helps allow you to self-diagnose your body posture from any angle. See yourself in frame-by-frame slow motion or full speed � either way it should soon be a wonderful sight.
  • TRACK YOUR RESULTS - All swings are stored automatically in-app under the selected club. Or, easily sync your swings to the 3BaysCloud to compare, share and advance your analysis on any device.

SEE YOUR SWING, LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Instant 4-sided 3D playback is now in the palm of your hand. The smartest golf swing analyzer now comes with an even more powerful app.

In the Box:
  • GSA Zone sensor
  • Leather Carrying Case
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Free iOS or Android app
  • 重量: 0.28kg


  • Dimension : 29.3mm x 18mm (Device only) / 29.3mm x 43mm (Full length)
  • Size & Weight : 9.8g
  • Placement : At the end of grip (Does not affect normal swing)
  • Bluetooth Connection : 2.1
  • Set Up Speed : 1-2 Seconds
  • 3D Swing Playback : Yes
  • Grip Speed : Yes
  • Shaft Lean : Yes
  • Power Zone Guideline : Yes
  • Top of Back Swing : Yes
  • Release Point : Yes
  • Battery time: 6 hourse of use, 7 days standby



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