Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 评论

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  • 2015年9月15日



  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2015年9月2日


Nice and easy to use, screen is easy to read and answering calls easy to do and speaker is quite clear to hear.

  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2015年8月22日


Fast shipping and the watch was perfect.

  • 由 Dee
  • 2015年8月21日

Great Smartband

Cant beat the price plus fast shipping. Just what i needed, recent updates brings more functionality.

  • 由 Jen
  • 2015年8月20日

Great Item Great price

had to get online to download the user manual so i could figure out how to answer a call, wish i could answer a text with it but all in all i'm uber happy with it

  • 由 Charles
  • 2015年7月30日

Great Deal Can't be Beat!!!

Purchased this item for a considerable amount less than other retailers. Very impressed with service & quality of item!!!!

  • 由 Matthew
  • 2015年7月2日

Love it

A perfect balance between a smartwatch and a regular one. Battery life is at least two full days, and even with that, charging time is about 20 minutes. Sony is still updating the software and released some awesome features just yesterday (July 1/15). There are also some good apps for it on the Play store that add functionality improve upon the base features. The speakerphone is AWESOME. Voice recognition is fairly spotty though, but who likes barking commands at their devices? I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, simple smartwatch with great battery life.

  • 由 ???
  • 2014年12月30日

소니스마트 밴드톡

배송 정말빠르고 제품 좋아요

  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2015年11月24日

スマフォのSmart Lock用BlueToothキーに利用可能

一部のBTデバイスはロック解除キーに設定できませんが、これは出来ました 通知機能(メールや通話)の有無のような気もします 「BlueTooth Smart」=Smart Lock対応ではないようなので注意しましょう まぁその分バッテリーの持ち時間は短いですけどね

  • 由 Steve
  • 2015年10月9日

Best there is! IMHO

I've had 3 x Google wear smartwatches and after being let down each time i decided to go back to my old non smart watch. After missing notifications i decided to try using the SWR3o on my right wrist with analogue wristwatch on the left..Best of both worlds. E paper awesome outdoor performance. Notifications are awesome..just what i needed. Even better than i expected. Caller ID display shows avatar of gmail users and speaker phone even works well for quick voice calls. Loving the long battery life 3-4 days..should be standard for all smartwatch.