Withings Activité Pop Watch HWA01 评论

  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2016年8月7日

Getting rid of my Apple watch

Bought the more expensive Withings Activité sapphire because I was going overseas and didn't want the hassle of having to charge my Apple watch every day and had read of problems with the glass in the Pop. I love my Withings so much I'm getting rid of my Apple watch. Sure it does a lot less than the Apple but what it does it does much better. In short, looks great, comfortable to wear, doesn't need constant recharging and I can wear it in the water!

  • 由 Naomi
  • 2016年7月17日

Great watch!

I love that this is a fitness tracker, which doesn't look like a fitness tracker. This shipping very quickly, and arrived in Australia in just a few days. Highly recommend!

  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2016年6月3日



  • 由 Andrew
  • 2015年10月29日

Enjoying the watch

I found it straightforward to set up the watch and am really enjoying it. Much (!) better battery life than my last fitness tracker.

  • 由 Pip
  • 2015年9月7日


I love my watch, the vibrating alarm, battery life, swimming counter, no more UGLY fit bits and bulk Apple Watch. Great app for Iphone too. LOVE LOVE LOVE (Just need to get new strap as this one discoloured eventually and cant find anywhere in NZ yet...)

  • 由 Nav
  • 2015年8月28日

nice product

i wasnt looking at a smartwatch, but something that is formal yet is able to track my activity in the day. this watch works out perfect. the smartphone app has a great design and is easy to use as well. now if only i could do it over a website, that would be like icing on the cake!

  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2015年8月13日

cant complain

Love my new wAtch and it arrived in only 2 days! Pretty awesome

  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2015年7月19日



  • 由 user9861277
  • 2015年11月12日

Activite pop

It's great slow start in the morning. But it's great.

  • 由 user9861277
  • 2015年11月11日

Activite pop

It's great slow start in the morning. But it's great.