ASUS ZenFone 3 Ultra Dual SIM ZU680KL 评论

  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2016年11月24日

Good quality

Incredible quality just the right screen size for working professional

  • 由 Anonymous
  • 2016年10月24日

Expansys supporting network list is misleading

Expansys incorrectly lists this device as being able to obtain 4G/LTE speeds in the USA, on both AT&T and Cricket's wireless networks. This is very misleading. Band 5 which Expansys lists as being supported by AT&T/Cricket's network is so rare to find in the USA that one might as well acknowledge that this device will for all practical purposes never achieve speeds above HSPA+ (3G). All the other 4G bands that this phone supports are not supported by AT&T/Cricket. The short of all this is that for all practical purposes in the USA, this is a 3G phone. Compared to a Samsung Note smartphone, the ZenFone3 is heavy. The fingerprint reader, just like the iPhone/iPad devices, is unreliable and you're better off disabling this feature. It is quicker to type in a PIN rather than go through repeated attempts for the device to recognize your fingerprint. If it wasn't for the ridiculous 25% restocking fee that Expansys threatens its customers with if a device is returned, I would have returned the phone. Instead I kept it. It seems unfair considering they mislead customers with regards to the device being able to obtain LTE speeds in the USA.