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Dual SkyPro GPS接收器 适用于 Pad/Android Tablets (黑/红, XGPS 160)

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  • EXPANSYS 产品号: 252679
  • , EAN: 0827204109007
  • , UPC: 827204109007
  • , Mfr: GPS-1020/XGPS160
  • , Brand: Dual



Dual SkyPro GPS接收器 适用于 Pad/Android Tablets 特点

飞行员们最理想的GPS设备之一,全新的SkyPro GPS接收器快速获取卫星信号,10Hz位置更新频率。
这款WAAS GPS接收器同时兼容 GPS(美国) 和 GLONASS(俄罗斯)卫星系统,通过蓝牙进行连接,可同时连接5台平板电脑或者手提电脑。
Dual SkyPro GPS XGPS160接收器能与iPad、iPad mini、 iPhone、iPod touch、具备蓝牙的Android、Windows (包括 Surface) 与 OS X 设备上的大部分EFB APP兼容。内置的可充电电池最长使用10小时。这款设备同样能通过免费的软件APP进行运行状态查看,APP能让您设置打开/关闭自动路线记录、运行日志输出等功能。这款Dual SkyPro GPS接收器包含一个防滑垫和一个12-30V的充电适配器。
-适用于EFB App和其他请求地址信息的App;赛车、导航、航海绘图仪等。
  • 重量: 0.40kg


  • by Jim
  • 2017年3月5日

Great unit

This GPS receiver is a great addition. So simple to connect to my iPad and iPhone. No need for a dedicated gps for navigating. Works with offline maps and all navigation software I've come across. Brilliant unit.

  • by Claude
  • 2016年11月14日

Great device

The device is excellent. I am using it on a dirt bike as I circulate a Motocross track and it is ideal. Small and compact and quite robust. Captures data very well enabling you to export it into other apps for analysis. Great device.

  • by Anonymous
  • 2016年3月10日

Dual XGPS Sky Pro GPS

I purchased this after much research into Sat Nav's in general. I now use this with a Apple iPod Touch, also if I need a larger screen a iPad Mini. The signal strength performance is much better than my existing TomTom and it recalculates much quicker. The Sat Nav software I use is Co-Pilot. I have now used the Dual XGPS for Car, Cycling and walking and the signal strength is always strong enough even when the unit is in a jacket pocket. For testing purposes I tried to lock on to satellites from inside the home, something my Tom Tom is unable to do; this very quickly found seven satellites to which it locked on solidly. My Summary: - Well made unit - Compact size -Excellent performance - 10/10


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