Jabra Stealth Mono Bluetooth Headset (Silver)

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  • EXPANSYS 产品号: 294615
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Enhanced user experience with voice control

Jabra Stealth, our debut next-generation Bluetooth® headset is significantly smaller, lighter, more discreet and offers better comfort and longer talk time. It also has built-in hands-free smartphone voice control for activating Siri/Google.

Key benefits

  •     Smartphone voice control button for remote activation of Siri/Google Now
  •     Noise blackout dual microphone reduces background noise
  •     HD Voice* for high definition sound quality 
  •     NFC** for easy pairing
  •     Stream music, podcasts or GPS directions 
  •     Up to 6 hours of talk time

* Network dependent   **Device dependent

Say hello to the next generation

Jabra Stealth takes Bluetooth® headsets to the next level by being the first to incorporate the breakthrough microPOWER battery technology which allows for a significantly smaller design, longer talk time and a better comfort experience.

Your remote access to Siri/Google Now

Just leave your smartphone in your pocket. With Jabra Stealth, Siri and Google Now are always available at your fingertips. Just tap the dedicated headset button to remotely activate and engage with Siri or Google Now from your smartphone.  

Premium sound - no noise

Jabra Stealth features the latest, most advanced sound enhancement technologies. Noise Blackout™ reduces background noise from your conversations and together with HD voice, you are guaranteed crystal clear conversations at both ends of the call. 

Superior comfort

There's a completely new comfort experience with Jabra Stealth. The headset is significantly smaller and lighter and the weight of the headset is perfectly balanced in your ear. It's so discreet and comfortable that you'll hardly know you're wearing it. 

Recommended app for Jabra Stealth

If you happen to misplace your headset, the Find My Jabra feature in the Jabra Assist app will help you locate it again.  Via the app you can geographically see where you had your Jabra Stealth turned on the last time.

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