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Misfit Vapor Smartwatch MIS7004 (44mm Silver Case, Black Silicone Band)

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  • EXPANSYS 产品号: 307927
  • , EAN: 812554023646
  • , Mfr: MIS7004
  • , Brand: Misfit



Misfit Vapor Smartwatch MIS7004 特点

  • 重量: 0.15kg


  • by JL135
  • 2018年1月6日

A good fashion watch from Fossil

After Misfit was acquired by Fossil, this watch is as fashionable as other Fossil watches but comes with heart rate detector (not available in some Fossil watches). However, the Misfit apps on the watch and on the phone are useless. It stopped tracking unexpectedly and didn't provide much info. Don't use the fitness app on the watch too, it drains battery drastically and can last for about 3 hours. I use Google fit on the phone instead and it can get heard rate and step counts from the watch. Based on the price and the look, it suits my need with a bit of tweak in the usage.