AFTERSHOKZ Trekz Air AS650 Bone Conduction Wireless Headset Reviews From Other Regions

  • My new go-to headphones
  • by NM / 28/12/2020
  • Got a pair of these for Christmas, and these may well end up becoming my favorite headphones ever, despite some limitations. To get the rough spots out of the way, if you are coming from normal in-ear or over-ear headphones, the sound quality is not fully up to par with what you are likely used to. The sound is tinny, without a lot of bass, and volume can be a problem in noisy environments if you aren't using ear plugs. You'll also get an occasional tingling/buzzing sensation with loud volumes that takes a bit of time to get used to. All that said, I actually like the ability to listen to what's happening around me (most of the time) without having to take them off. Moreover, these are perhaps the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned. Can leave them on for hours and basically forget they are there, which I could never do with in-ear or over-ear headphones. After trying these, I'll definitely be looking at giving one of their higher end models a try once these wear out. If you haven't tried bone-conducting headphones before, these are definitely worth a spin.