BlackBerry Leap - STR100-1: RHD131LW 智慧手機 Reviews From Other Regions

  • Final BB10 OS phone !
  • by KACAHOBA / 26/8/2017
  • This is the final BlackBerry 10 OS phone. And it's Full touch / Keyboard Less, so this one is not typical BB phone. Certainly, aGPS is supported but Gyroscope is not built in, Amazing ! your map will work incompletely. (Native map app supports only a few countries) Camera operation and image quality feel us so Unique and Strange. If you want BB OS phone, it must be last chance.
  • Do not purchase. For any reason.
  • by / 3/9/2020
  • This phone is the biggest piece of useless handset. Gone are days of social media and anything involving Google play. It's security often won't move past the first page if it allows the eg bing search complete. God it needs This and that then can't run because of the strict phone programming. I'm not stupid by any stretch of the imagination and even a certificate overdue if your offered it will open next page if lucky and frozen. No wish shopping.... in fact very little except hours and no gain. Also none off the help desk appeared to pick up chat enquires as to how to enable the software. No one wants to know.