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Android Market [Acer beTouch E110 Android Smartphone - 196186]

  • gridlock
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  • 註冊日期: 19 五月 2010
Hi, does this have the Android Markett app preinstalled as well as google maps?
  • Yoni
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Yes, It does.

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I can't see any google apps or android market on my e110 bought from expansys.  The cupcake operating system (android 1.5) is very limited, and there don't appear to be many apps that work.  Most are written for android 2.  Future developments, ie flash and alternative browsers won't be written for cupcake.  It's basically a socialising phine for teenagers, but you can get more or less the same social apps on phones that cost half as much.  Very disappointed.  Should have done more research on the different android versions before I bought.