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price and avail? [ARCHOS AV700 100GB - 124405]

Hi people These units are all over the UK at Dixons, please tell me when you will have them in / whats the expected price. Cheers
Earth to expansys...are you reading me.......c'mon guys, whats the point of a forum if you dont reply?
  • Duffledorf
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  • 註冊日期: 4 九月 2003
Hi All Do you know what the situation is regarding this item, it seems to be available at lots of outlets, yet when you look closer they only have the 40 GB version. I have seen the 100 GB on ebay, but with some real dodgy looking ads. As usual my prefered supplier is Expansys. So any chance you can update us on the current situation. kind regards Duffledorf