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asus eee can it run windows 2000 [ASUS Eee PC 701 Surf Back To School Offer - 158485]

  • stevet2207
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sorry if this question has already been asked but i couldnt find it anywhere


i am one of the lucky people that have managed to get my hands on the asus eee 701 and was reading about the xp install on it.  I instantly jumped up to find an xp disk as my computer was running xp and to my disapointment found that i had a windows 2000 disk but not an xp disk.  the question is whether i can run windows 2000 on it and would it be as straightforward as xp and would i still be able to use the driver disk that came with the asus eee.


i also have an windows 98se disk if that would help

 extra info:

i have the asus eee 4g

4gigabyte hardrive

512mb ram(i could upgrade if it needed to be)

usb external dvd drive



many thanks everyone 

  • dezman2003
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Windows XP drivers do not work in windows 2000 for the most part, since the EEE uses older hardware you make be able to find individual drivers for the different components but it won't be as straight forward as an XP installation.
  • stevet2207
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ok thank you for the quick reply.  Dont think i shall do this due to the i havent got the time to spend searching for drivers. 


thanks again 

  • Harry83
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