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horrid linux question [ASUS Eee PC 701 Surf Back To School Offer - 158485]

  • colin987
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Can anyone help me with this -

trying to install a game called mtp-target

Ive got to the point where I have unpacked the tar.bz2 archive file and I now have

client/ data/ start-mtp-target

how do I run or install this game? Ive tried everything. Even if go to to filemanager and just click start-mtp-target it exits


p.s. after 2 months of struggling with Linux I really dont like it. Asus's statement that they now see XP being > 60% of sales makes me think theyve realised the same thing too. I wish I didnt have to say this, but Linux is user unfriendly and dogged with old UNIX style setups which are horrid.

Its lucky that the EEE comes with most things pre-installed. I wonder how other people are getting on?

  • dawsonas
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I think this is more a limitation on that game than anything else. Most linux distros (incl the EEEpc one) support decent installers and come with most things pre-setup and do not have to be unfriendly as you can get away with never needing the shell. You'll probably find there is some general incompatibility with the game and the distro.
  • colin987
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  • 註冊日期: 3 八月 2007

Ahhh Its not Linux - its the Distro lol!

or ... its not Linux, just got to connect to the lastest Repo! 

or ... its not Linux, you just need to code your own drivers!  (Proves my point about it being complex.)

People keep telling me the Ubunto distro is better but Im not at the stage where I want to discover the differences of different Linux versions. For me its welcome back Windows - all is forgiven lol!

  • richard3
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