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ASUS ZenFone 6 Dual-SIM ZS630KL – 支援討論區

初期不良対応 いつまで無視するんですかー???/How long are you planning to ignore? [ASUS ZenFone 6 Dual-SIM ZS630KL - 317483]






I purchased Zenfone6 from Japan and the product arrived, but after using it for several hours, it seemed to be a defective product and I could not start or charge it.

 When I contacted ExpansysJapan by e-mail, I received a reply like a template only at the beginning.

 Originally I don't expect good support for Chinese mail order, but it's too cruel to be able to deal with initial defects according to the rules that I set.

 If you are thinking of purchasing from here, I think it ’s better to stop.







Even though I sent you an email, you ignored it for a week.
If it is exposed to the public, you will reply immidiately. Isn't it?

I re-mailed it as instructed, so please reply during tomorrow business hours.

If there is no reply, I'll post the fact here.

I expect a sincere response.







As you noticed, I waited for a day but there was no reply. 
What's going on?
It is the worst company that cannot keep compliance.
Reply immediately NOW!!!!!
You don't try to show a good face only in public.




What is “please inform me urgently”?

Is your “urgent” one year or so?

Are you okay?????


Webページの目に入るところに書かれてるのに…… 酷くだらしない。



How long are you planning to ignore?????

This post expose on the forum, many people are watching.

Aren't you ashamed of doing such a thing?

If you are aware that you are not less than garbage, reply to the email I urged.

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The reason why we request customers to send an email ticket is to keep all records of an issue in one place, as a forum is not a good place to post personal info related to orders. Additionally, due to the sheer volume of requests we receive, our CS team is not always able to check these comments every day, and as such the forums are really best suited for product info/feedback/discussions.

All that said, I checked your forum id against both our order records as well as our ticket system and couldn't find any matches. Do you have a ticket number or an order number so our JP CS team can follow up with you?




Order number: 97ET-1803-E567



I understand what you say. Separate use of email and forum)

Even though the volume of requests is large, ignoring mail about defective products for a week seems to be too cruel.
Don't you think so?

The email address at the time of ordering and registered in the forum are different. Because I could not register the forum ID well)
I don't know what your say "ticket number".
But the order number has been sent to CS in Japan, in the previous post.

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  • 投稿: 355
  • 註冊日期: 4 七月 2011
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"I don't know what your say "ticket number"."

When you email our customer service, you get a reply template at the beginning which you mentioned receiving above), which should mention a ticket number, which we can use to track your request.

I checked again just now under the email you used to place your order and still couldn't find any record in our ticket system of receiving a reply. I'm checking with our IT department to see if they can determine whether your email is being blocked somehow.

In any event, our JP CS team will reach out to you first thing tomorrow to ensure this gets resolved, as we at least have your order ref now. Apologies for any delay.

Thank you for your support on behalf of the Japanese staff.

I also hope for a peaceful solution, but I was very angry at the slow response and long-term neglect of the Japanese staff .

Now, the received mail has the following description.
Japanese is translated into English.)
View and manage this request on the web: https://expansys.brandpathsupport.com/tickets/KQKR-1581-ZPSK
Expansys・https: //expansys.brandpathsupport.com
I have never viewed it on the web using the email address I used to purchase.
I couldn't register an ID with the email address I used to purchase. I don't know why.)

The string after the URL may be the ticket number I think.
I don't know what the character string starts with #

It is displayed small in the email.)

Let me know if my description is not enough.