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Dead Pro 1 [Canon Powershot Pro 1 Digital Camera - 116980]

Sorry, first post, and managed to mess it up by pressing return too early!!!!! Anyway, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My trusty Pro 1, already replaced once after a run in with a very unfriendly Haitian police baton, has started to play up!! Bought initially as a backup to my nikon D2 kit, it has become a brilliant workhorse and I am seldomly without it. After about 1500 frames and 5 batteries at the Goodwood Revival, it started to flash an orange light by the on/off button, and pull the lens focusing system in and out???? After resetting it, fine for another 43 frames, and then same thing before lens moved out and it just died. Will now powere up, move lens in and out, and then dead!!! Nothing. Doesn't work on Playback mode, and not even recognised by Mac computer. Can anyone help???? Firmware can't be updated, because you need playback mode to work!!! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP, as off to Dubai on Thursday, without favourite camera!!!!!!!! Many thanks, Alex
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I have exactly the same problem with my pro1. Lense goes in and out and then the whole system freezes. Did you figure out how to solve this problem?
Hi Ale, You would do best to contact Canon (UK) technical helpdesk on 08705 143 723. -Matt