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ipaq 3660- Bluetooth Jacket [Compaq iPAQ h3660 - 100687]

  • Maaartahn
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  • 註冊日期: 21 十月 2006
Hi there, I wonder if someone would be able to help me. I recently got re-acquainted to my late father's ipaq. A month ago, I bought an expansion jacket works with Bluetooth. My question is, where do I get the software for the ipaq to activate the bluetooth connection? Also, I don't have Windows Media Player for Pocket PC 2002, and I cannot find it due to expired links (and its doing my nut in!), where can I find this particular piece of software?; where can I find a wireless adapter that would fit my ipaq?; and finally, where can I get the original CD that came with the ipaq? If someone could help me I would be really very grateful, Thanks, Maaartahn
May not be relevant now but you can get it from hp ipact on-line. I can send you a copy if you want to email me.