CoPilot Live 7 GPS Software Europe, 2GB card – 支援討論區

is this software compatibly with the new Samsung Omnia in bul GPS [CoPilot Live 7 GPS Software Europe, 2GB card - 162129]

  • Bhavnash
  • 投稿: 1
  • 註冊日期: 24 九月 2008

i just want to know if this softwate is compatibly with windows mobile 6 and the in bulit gps on the omnia

if not can point me in the right direction




  • yavahid
  • 投稿: 1
  • 註冊日期: 19 一月 2009
all gps softwares can work with omnia. i am using from arcpad, vito, astronavigator, route 66, pathaway software in my omnia withouth any problem. your problem is about gps protocol. if you could not using from this systems call me 00989161694910 

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