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New Firmware (hardware revision A1) from Dlink TW [D-Link DCS-5300G Wireless Pan/Tilt Network Camera - 116012]

  • DanD
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  • 註冊日期: 17 十一月 2003
Hi, I've been using this camera for a year or so and it's been working well with only occasional lock-ups. However, recently I was gettting more frequent lock-ups for some reason and I thought I'd search around for any updated firmware versions (as I was going to do a factory reset and reconfigure it anyway). I'd previously noticed that a new version of the firmware had been posted on the Dlink US site, but couldn't get this to work on my UK camera. I'd also tried to use the VivoTek firmware, but couldn't get this to work either as I think it's locked to a specific range of MAC addresses. Anyway, I discovered that there's now a firmware version available from the Dlink Taiwan site that fixes one of my main grumbles with the camera which is that you couldn't set a custom home position. Well you now can with the new firmware and I'm very happy! There are one of two other improvements too. Oh and my camera has stopped locking up too! Here's a link. http://tsd.dlink.com.tw/ModelList.asp?SourceType=download I downloaded the updated configuration wizard too and the upgrade completed first time OK. Dan