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DWL-G520M "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" [D-Link DWL-G520+ AirPlusXtremeG+ PCI Card - 107947]

  • shlincoln
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  • 註冊日期: 17 七月 2006
Sorry - wrong thread - moved over.....please ignore Hi all - spent many hours on this one and my 1st post - please help! I've done everything i can think of to resolve this problem. I'm running a new Dell 5150 - usual specs of modern machine - xp media centre - 2.8ghz - 1 gig ram. I have installed 2 of these cards in the past without drama. With the new card, I installed the software that came with the PCI card, restarted the machine, inserted the card. Booted machine - logged into windows - windows did not detect any new devices. I manually added the card - restarted machine. All i get is this This device cannot start. (Code 10)error and yellow exclamation mark beside the card in device manager. Here is what i have done to try resolve the problem:- Logged in safe mode, removed all software for card references in device manager - re-installed software and card - no luck. Uninstalled card and software - changed PCI slots - re-installed software and card - no luck. Uninstalled all again, cleared NVRAM, updated BIOS - installed all again, still no luck. i took out all other PCI cards except DWL-G520M and video card - formatted the drive - complete re-install of XP media centre - still no luck. Also tried with combination of stopping wireless zero configuration Got involved in some tech support tennis between D-Link and Dell.... I have 2 of these cards, so i tried the other - same error message. After reading this forum - thanks for all the info - i think i will try use the USR drivers and cross the fingers..... Any ideas would be appreciated and if anyone has solved the same problem - please help - also which drive from USR would give the best results - i would prefer to use the MIMO technology with their driver if possible.
  • imbroglio
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Hi, i''ve had the same problem (device cannot start - code 10) with those D-Link GWL-520 cards on a windows XP2 installation. after several hours of searching i managed to get it working with a different driver than the one on the official d-link site. namely i found a file called DLink_54Mbit_Wireless_PCI_Adapter_(Hinweis_8x_mode)_(DWL-G520+)_Utilityversion.zip which contained a working GPLUS.INF driver (instead of the non-working AIRPLUS.INF file) Hope this may help