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Lost pictures! Please help! [Dane-Elec USB Compact Flash Reader - 100901]

  • Justin324
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  • 註冊日期: 26 八月 2004
I was trying to read my 8mb card on my card reader and it would not boot up on my laptop. I opened My computer icon and noticed the E drive where the card would be was not listed. Thinking it was the 8MB card I removed the card from the reader and inserted my 265MB card with over 100 pictures into the reader. Still no E drive. Put the card back into my camera and it said No image! I had just reviewed the pics in my camera before inserting it into the reader so I know they were on the card. I am an adjuster these pictures are needed to get insureds paid. Tell me where I can recover the pictures? I am at a loss and very frustrated. Thanks! Justin
  • Michael
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Try unplugging the reader and then plugging it back in, if that still does not wokr then it may be worth getting another reader to try the cards in. -- Michael - eXpansys
I have a software pachage called "Don't Panic" Image Recall and it recovers images from most cards - even if they are damaged. I got it from QVC - WWW.QVCUK.COM - hope this helps
  • coplandcolin
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Few shareware utilities HERE -- Colin - www.mutleyshome.com (Games, Unlocking & Headset Conversions)