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Software for Emtac Trine Data logger [Emtac BTGPS II Trine Bluetooth GPS with Data Logger - 115544]

  • jrippon
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Does anybody know of any software that can use the Trine's data logger! I've had it for a week and have only been able to extract a .bin file using Emtac's CRUX_LOG program. I can't find any software that can use this! I've been told it should work with memory map but I have not been succesful! Help!
  • Valtequi
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  • 註冊日期: 31 十二月 2005
I now have had the Emtac Trine for a week. I also have the problems with the software to use the Trine data logger. Did you find a good one?
  • GooseMan
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www.gpsvisualizer.com will convert .bin files to any other format Andy.
  • taximan54
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just bought the emtac trine , it came with disk that was empty ,nothing on it does anyone have

the crux log program that you can send me? pretty useless without it.

  • spooley
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I didn't even get a CD with the Trine unit that arrived for me yesterday!

There is a link at the bottom of the Expansys UK 'description' page to http://www.expansys.com/”http://www.transplantgps.com/downloads/trinecd.zip”, but that is badly formatted and won't work if you just click on it!  The software is actually downloadable from http://www.transplantgps.com/downloads/trinecd.zip

BUT, it only seems to support COM1 through  COM32, whereas my laptop has associated COM40-odd with the Trine, so now I've got to mess around trying to sort that out.

Not very impressive at all.


  • taximan54
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downloaded software from that site but stumbling thru the software trying to figure out what to do? expansys not very helpful. anyone know how to get software working? heeeeeeelp
  • taximan54
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1.        Connect your Trine to the laptop via Bluetooth.

2.       Open Crux Log with appropriate Com port - baud rate is 38400

3.       Click on open to connect with crux log

4.       Go to message tab, ensure messages are streaming (ie. Good

5.       Go to Trigger tab.  This is where you can enable logging based
on many different parameters

a.       GPS Positioning condition

Fix status 1= GPS Fix.  Will log every time there is a gps fix.  0 is
not set

HDOP 0 is not set.  Otherwise will log based on HDOP (quality of GPS

b.      Accumulated value

Elapsed time 0=not set. >0 will log a point every x seconds

Elapsed distance >0 will log a point after the GPS unit is moved every x

c.       Changed value

COG >0 will log a point everytime the heading changes more than x

Velocity >0 will log a point everytime the velocity chan

  • taximan54
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Velocity >0 will log a point everytime the velocity changes more than x

Altitude >0 will log a point everytime the altitude changes more than x

d.      Threshold value

Velocity >0 will log a point everytime the receiver exceeds x Km/hr

Altitude >0 will log a point everytime the receiver exceeds x meters

e.      Stall case

This will log a point if the velocity (set to >0) falls below a
specified value (Km/hr) for more than x seconds.  Used mainly for

6.       The logging triggers are cumulative, that is you can set many
different triggers.  Ie. I want to log a point every 30 seconds and I
also want to log a point if the velocity exceeds 200 KM/hr. 


7.        Once you set the triggers as you wish, click apply.


8  to download the data, go to download tab.  You can download by date
and time, or all data.  Click on download.  This will create a bin file
in the crux log directory.  Then you can upload to gps visualizer to
convert to google earth.

with thanks to steve emery from transplantgps for that info



  • taximan54
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  • 註冊日期: 12 十一月 2007
Has anybody used these instructions and got the unit working and have anymore useful info to pass on?


I am mostly interested in using this unit as a logger, so this will explain my focus in this reply.

 What I have found out so far.

My disk included two CRUX_LOG_WIN.exe files, one under Crux_log_Trine (Specific for the Trine) and one under Crux_log_data_logger for PC (Seems to be a generic one for other Emtac products??).

The generic Crux;

1. Is limited to one COM port and one speed, but this can be changed by fiddling with a file called Set.txt that is to be in the same directory as the executable.If you run from the CD, then you are unable to change the defaults

2. Will not download the logfile from the device. It complains that the correct Baud rate has not been set. (Note: Crux_Trine indicates that it has set a different and slower Baud rate during download)

3. Will allow you to Read the trigger settings you have sent to the device. Crux_Trine does not seem to have this feature.


1. Will allow a range of COM ports (COM1-COM32) and Baud rates (4800-115200). The recomended rate is 38400. It "remembers" your settings in a Set.txt file.

2. Will download log files, but is as very flaky and tends to crash. Sometimes this locks up the logger and you have to turn it off then back on again. The disk came with the source files, but I don't have a C++ complier installed on my machine, and I am not sure that all the files necessary to build/debug are on the disk.

3. Will not read the trigger settings from the device, so you are guessing what your setting are unless you set them all (Well I have not managed to get it to read. Open to correction!) I use the generic Crux for that.

The binary file format output is a real orphan, what were those guys thinking! :(. I have found not a single GPS mapping program or converter that will read it (Not even GPSBabel), with the exception of GPS Visualizer (http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map?). This is a great site, but if it ever vanishes, then I am totaly ... well you know what I mean. Lost! :)


If I had time on my hands (and I don't), and a C++ compiler/debugger (also a no), I would have a look at fixing the logger crashes, and changing the output format to something a little more universal (The disk comes with PDFs of the instruction set and logger protocol so it would be totaly "doable".


So, there is my 5 cents worth. I have only had the unit 2 days and have had limited time to play with it as I am considering sending it back for a refund. None of the third party applications mentioned in the manual as supporting the Trine have the Trine listed, though a couple might work in realtime through the NMEA interface. I would call the bundled software "Beta software", but that would be too kind, it is more like early demo software which is a pity. :(




Re: the Emtac BTGPS II Trine GPS and Crux software.

One further thing I have found. I did a fair bit of messing around with the Crux software loaded on different PCs, trying to stop the regular crashes I was experiencing.

 I now suspect that there is a bug or bugs in the Trine unit firmware that prevents a clean download of the log information if the unit does not have a current fix.

So, try and download with the unit inside a building with no satelites in view, regular crashes when downloading the logfile. Often the unit itself will lock up and require a cycle of the power switch.

If however the unit has a lock, i.e. it is outside, I have not yet experience a crash when I do a download.

Now I am not 100% certain that it is the unit firmware, it may be the Crux software handling a timeout poorly, and sometimes leaving the unit with an unacknowledged bluetooth transaction. I do know however, if the unit has a fix, the log downloads are a LOT more reliable.




  • ichneumon
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Apologies for bumping the thread... I thought I'd add that I've put together a utility that allows full control and data access to the logger, and discovered some annoying firmware bugs in the process. It's a command line script, written in Python, currently for Linux but it shouldn't take me long to add Windows support if there's any interest. Post back here if anybody wants a copy.