Enfora GSM0110-01 GSM/GPRS Compact Flash Card – 支援討論區

UNABLE TO ACCESS GPRS DATA; PHONE WORKS FINE [Enfora GSM0110-01 GSM/GPRS Compact Flash Card - 140979]

I have just bought / installed one of these GSM/GPRS CF Cards on a Toshiba e830 Pocket PC running WM2003SE. The Phone functionality works a treat, but no matter what settings I use, there is no GPRS connectivity. The SIM is on O2 Data and has come straight out of my Audiovox RTM-8000 GPRS CF Card - GPRS works fine on that one but phone is dodgy - hence purchase of new Enfora card ! I have hard reset the Pocket PC and tried creating a connection completely manually using all known good settings - Dial string = *99# ; APN = mobile.o2.co.uk ; Userid = o2web ; Password = password I have also changed the dial string to *99***1# as it appears that is probably required for this CF Card. Timeout has been set to 60 and 120 sec and unchecked. No difference. I have followed the setup for WM2003 per the Enfora instructions at >> http://www.enfora.com/downloads/Application%20Notes/GSM0110AN001-%20GSM0110%20PPP%20Configuration%20for%20PocketPC%202003.pdf << as well as from experience and mimicing settings from the Audiovox card. No joy. Have also tried with clean install of BVRP Mobile Phone Tools but whether with auto config reading from the SIM card or manual config, exactly the same problem. I have disabled the SIM PIN number to see if that makes any difference, but no change. Have also trawled through the related posts at http://www.expansys.com/f.aspx?i=119443 - for some reason this device was 'discontinued' and evidently resurrected on a new page... some similar issues but no useful answers so far ! << Expansys Tech Support (or any other knowledgeable users) - uregently request advice please ! Many thanks, Best regards, Kevin