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Can I use an Enfora device as simple TCP telnet terminal? [Enfora GSM3208 Wireless Portfolio - 115957]

  • bbiandov
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  • 註冊日期: 30 六月 2008

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use an MTGL device in a way that probably it was not intended for, nonetheless I think it should work but it does not.

I want to use the enfora box as a simple telnet terminal. That means for example I would like to use the TCP PAD command ATDT66.55.4.6/23 and have a two-way session with the telnet server. By two-way I mean that whatever I sent to the serial port it is sent to the telnet server and whatever the telnet server replies with shows up back on the serial port.

However it only works one cay - from MTGL to the telnet server, and NOT the other way around. I can not see the responses from the telnet server, but anything I sent to the serial port (after CONNECT of course) shows up at the telnet server. I have wireshark running on the telnet server-end and I can see clearly that my Enfora payload packets are being sent, then the telnet server replies back and I can clearly see those payload characters as well going back to my enfora EXCEPT the enfora box never sends them to the serial.

Here is a schematic:


Will this configuration work? I could not see why not but I am new with Enfora so may be I am missing some command to disable a "hidden" feature?

Thank you