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Firmware 2.26 and timeout on windows xp sp2 [Fortuna GPSmartBT - 105113]

Hi, I would like to update the firmware from 2.25 to 2.26 avaible here : I use Windows XP SP2 + fortuna usb cable. If I connect gpsmart to my PC and use sirfdemo ( everything work properly. But if I want to use fortunasync folowing theses steps: I select refresh and browse to locate firmware 2.26 file. I Switch ON "comm port on/off" to port 5 I active "link to fortuna gps" and finaly clic "execute refresh" button. a Warning panel appear asking to wait... After 10 minutes a new message appear with "TIMOUT" I disable antivirus and firewall... anybody have a idea ?
  • DeeJayX
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  • 註冊日期: 11 三月 2004
Firstly, I assume that from using SiRFDemo you know that Comm Port 5 is where your usb/serial adaptor has been installed? After that, 2 suggestions, both arising from documentation on the Fortuna Tech Support site. ============================================================ Using FortunaSync: What happens if you do things in THIS order 1. Select Comm Port 2. Comm Port OFF to ON; 3. Link to Fortuna GPS 4. Select REFESH and locate the 2_26.s file 5. Click Execute-Refresh ============================= Another way is to use SiRFDemo and SiRFflash, as documented at - " update case" (Although that file contains a copy of the V2.24_UK.s firmware, the same method works for the 2_26.s firmware.) ================================== Good luck DeeJay
  • v8manuk
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  • 註冊日期: 17 十二月 2004
I now have same problem, I have tried the SIRF flash and get message Target not responding. Is this only resolved by returning unit to vendor?
  • RoSt
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  • 註冊日期: 16 八月 2005
I had the same problem of the timeout and when looking in the result file c:program files\fortuna\ConsFile the following message appears > Option GPSmart\GPSamrtV2_26.s not recognized It seems the program can not handle the pathname of the location of the file So I placed the file in the same directory as the program which will do the job (SiRFflashcl.exe) found in C:Program Files\Fortuna So i First tried to run this program directly without using the Fortuna Sync Program but i then got the message Target not responding I started the fortuna sync program as written in the documents but i did not use the file browser to locate the file I manually put in the filename: GPSamrtV2_26.s (i had placed this in the same dir) After this the Firmware upgrade worked for me. Hope this wil help
  • kwadruppel
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  • 註冊日期: 16 八月 2005
  • 地點: behind a gps
> Another way is to use SiRFDemo and SiRFflash, as documented > at - > " update case" i literally just flashed to 2.26 using this instruction (after identical problems as in topic start). However, one of the steps "Synchronize Protocol & Baud Rate" confused me. Although that synchronize did work, i don't think it switched my gpsmart to sirfmode, because later on in sirfflash i got a 'target not responding'. So instead of the sync i just did a 'Switch to SiRF Protocol' instead, subsequenly followed by the '94' command and a succesful flash. (another thing: to get the gpsmart to respond again after timeouts and ' not responding' errors, i left it 5 minutes without batteries, then it booted again normally with the fortuna logo anim etc.) HTH2 :)

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