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How do you get RTE, WLRFM and other Irish stations on Musicpal? [Freecom MusicPal Wifi Internet Radio + RSS Display - 151643]

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Musicpal only provides 7 Irish stations. There seem to be about 40 available over the internet. In particular I would like to be able to get the RTE and WLRFM stations.

 I tried Freecom support but only got the manual pages. I don't know what HTTP address to use. I did use an internet radio in England which allowed me to listen to these stations.



  • axolotl
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try the VTuner site, and add the stations by http address

 copy the http address   from winamp ( or what u normally use  )

 paste it in the vtuner site and then it gets updated in your musicpal stations.


However I can't get the real player BBC streams working... any ideas? 




  • dlacey
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From the help page on

Why are some stations (such as the BBC) not available?
Certain stations, like the BBC, broadcast in a format that the MusicPal does not support. The MusicPal play MP3 and WMA stations only, of which there are many available. However, it does not play stations that are in RealMedia

Well, there you go - and I though with an internet radio I would be able to listen to all the radio stations on then internet!