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ipaq 3950 stuck in screen align mode. [General Services PDA Repair - 104526]

  • martlewis
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  • 註冊日期: 3 七月 2004
I have an ipaq 3950 and after performing a hard reset i can't get past the screen alignment. The crosshairs just keep going round the screen continually. Any suggestions on what the problem could be, or if it's repairable and at what cost roughly?
  • Erik Slob
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  • 註冊日期: 19 五月 2006
I found you're question while I had also this problem. I solveds the problem as follows. Connect you'r iPaq on you're PC and go to the HP update sites for Pocket PC. When the iPaq is connected and you'r Aligning screen is on install the update and reset after that. When you'r align screen is now appearing a soft reset is enough. Succes

I have a similar problem.  When I perform a  hard  reset I get only to the first screen showing - Serial  COMPAQ v0.48 on a red screen - it doesn't go past that to the screen align page - how can I bump it along?



  • NetMaster
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Hi Steve! Same problem! Please help me! I am desperate! Did you make it work? 

Thanks in advance. 

It seems that you screen has gone wrong. You can try to repair the screen. If it cannot be done, why not repalce it with a new one.

  • trumondeco
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