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password HELP - MEGA STRESS! [Glofiish glofiish M700 GPS-enabled Pocket PC - 142813]

HELP HELP HELP. I have been using my new M700 purchsed from you, what a brilliant product. BUT, I''m now locked out, I set a password and have been using it when the device is turned bcak on again, but all of a sudden I went to turn it on and it said the password was wrong!!!! Why, I haven'' done anything! or changed it!! NOw I can''t get do I get my lovely M700 back? Please please hep me! I can supply invoice details for you if required. Devise purchased 15 06 07 M Oborn Mark
  • Skumar
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I also Need Help Help Help


I am also facing same problem. I also have same set and purchased on 7th June, 2007. In fact this is something worng with this set as one of my colligue have same set and he has also same problem.


If you get any support then please let me knwo. My e-mail address is


  • anitalg
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Is the password on the device or the sim card?

  • Skumar
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I had also same kind of problem but i got my set unlocked using these steps:

1st: Hold the "Power Button"(top on right side) of the PC with one hand while holding the sylus tip to push in the "Reset Button" with other. Simultaneously release both the "Power Button" and the "Reset Button".

2nd Step. After cold boot, hold the End Button(Red Mark) on the bottom right of pocket PC untill the system inquiry screen is shown, then release the End Button. It will give message "Erase all data and load default?" then you need to press Left Soft key for few seconds, then system will erase all data and load default. After restart follow the instructions.


Be careful it will erase all data and settings which installed by user.

  • jtwyford
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Has anyone yet found out how to stop the device loosing the password. I have tried the patch on the ETen website but that does not work.

 I am having to backup my phone every night due to it loosing the password every other day at the moment and the problem seems to get worse.

Is this just a problem with a few phones or is it with all M700s?, If so can i return mine for a replacement as it is not fit for purpose???




A few days ago I have got a M700 too and I found out about the problem of loosing the (device) password today being  - during a long conversation on the phone, battery was discharged and the device turned off.

After replacing the battery the usual password was not recognized!

 So the problem seems to affect all the phones M700 ?!!

I am not prepared yet for a "cold boot" (and lose all the data), so please has anyone another ideea how can I solve this problem ??

Can we have a factory code or someting ? (that it is not in the book !)

Can anyone conform if the password is not recognized - also if the security function is deactivated ?



  • dmendezk
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Dont worry, the only way to unlock your PocketPC is a Hard Reset:

Press at the same time Power and Reset button after press the red phone (several seconds). Finally you must press the key above green phone (several seconds) to appear: delete all data? Yes. 

Ready, enjoy your PPC again.


  • brendagray
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I can offer some general suggestions to help you resolve the issue:

  1. Double-check the password: Ensure that you are entering the correct password. It's possible that a simple mistake or a keyboard input error might be the cause of the issue.

  2. Caps lock and keyboard layout: Pay attention to the capitalization of letters in your password, as passwords are case-sensitive. Additionally, verify that you are using the correct keyboard layout, especially if you have recently changed it or are using a different language.

  3. Try a different keyboard: If you have access to another keyboard, try using it to enter your password. This can help determine if the issue is related to the keyboard itself.

  4. Password reset: If you are unable to recall your password, you may need to reset it. Most devices provide a password reset option, often accessible by pressing a specific key combination during the boot-up process. Consult the user manual or the manufacturer's website for instructions on how to reset the password for your specific device model.

  5. Contact customer support: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, it would be best to reach out to the customer support team of the company from which you purchased the M700. Provide them with your invoice details and explain the problem you are facing. They should be able to assist you further and provide specific guidance tailored to your situation.