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Google Pixel 3 Screen Issue - Less than 20days old [Google Pixel 3 G013A - 313392]

  • Hassan N
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  • 註冊日期: 30 三月 2019

Dear Team,

Google Pixel 3  with order number 93WM-1C00-4F57 was received on 02-Apr-19/03-Apr-19 by me from DHL and last week on 15-Apr I noticed there is a black ink mark on the left hand side of my screen towards the middle portion.

I turned off the phone for few minutes and turned it back the black ink mark on the screen had gone away, however yesterday and today twice the same black ink mark came and I had to turn off the phone for few minutes. 

Once I had turned off the phone for few and turn it back on then the ink mark goes away from the screen, looks like the liquid from the screen/LED panel maybe? There is no water damage or moist damage.

Kindly advise how do I proceed for warranty/repair as the product is less than a month old. 


  • NateM Staff
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Hello Hassan,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your device. Please reach out to our customer service department if you haven't already at and our RMA team will be in touch with you shortly.