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Any firmware updated needed? [Hisense 1080p HD TV Media Player - 186127]

  • duke_nukem
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  • 註冊日期: 2 一月 2010

At this time, on the HiSense web-site. It appears that there is no Firmware released for the MP800H. Only the manual.



  • Booce
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  • 註冊日期: 11 一月 2010

There is an FTP site which has firmwares for this, the Hisense MP800H media player. It's linked to a Chinese website kboox.com.

Username: upgrade

Password: upgrade

This is the english version of the firmware. There are other firmwares available in the directory above but be aware that they default the language of the player to Chinese. You will need to memorise how to change the language back to English before you flash it.

 There are other device firmwares available on this site, but you should only use the MP800H files, other device firmwares may kill your player.

MP800H_upgrade_code_V042.rar is the current version of the English firmware on that site, and it fixes the menu navigation on DVD and ISO files. However, it introduces a bug in the sound system that means that if you are using SPDIF RAW, you may get no sound, or only stereo where you should get 5.1. The fix for this is to play your file and press the 5 key on your remote until the sound output cycles to HDMI RAW. You will then get 5.1. This version also introduces the ability to save a username and password for network share access. Very userful if you are using network shares!


There is a Chinese version of the firmware which I think works with ISO menus and doesn't have the 5.1 sound bug. It can be found here:

But remeber, your player will be in Chinese when it boots up after the upgrade, you will have to navigate the menus in Chinese to set it back to English (Don't worry, it's not too hard).

If the site asks fir username and password, it's




Hope this helps the English users of this wonderful device.



  • IanMK13
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  • 註冊日期: 23 一月 2010
I guess firmware development on this product must have stopped now.  There haven't been any updates for some time.  That's a disappointment because I was hoping for a fix for the HDMI CEC support.
  • shajeer
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  • 註冊日期: 18 三月 2023

I have updated the U8h Hisense firmware's latest version Via the settings method. In the same way, you can upgrade the software app with sideload method. But this is tricky and difficult for those who don't have some technical knowledge.