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Stuttering when streaming HD .mkv files [Hisense 1080p HD TV Media Player - 186127]

I've just bought a NAS system that supports DLNA/uPNP setup so that I can stream my movies to the Hisense player, but any HD .mkv content stutters extremely badly, normal standard defintion content is fine. If I play the .mkv files directly from a usb attached portable hard drive they are fine.

 I thought the problem was the Hisense player was connected to a 10/100 switch, so I bought a gigabit switch to remedy the problem, but to my dismay the Hisense player only seems to have a 100mb ethernet port! Still the HD movies stutter so that they are unwatchable, the whole point of me buying this was to stream movies from my NAS.

Does the firmware update have any effect on the streaming playback?

Has any one else had this issue? 

Can I ask what NAS drive you bought? I had this problem with a Western Digital MyBook World Edition II - the problem wasn't the network but the notoriously appalling upload speeds of the NAS drive.

 Thankfully I did manage to resolve this by getting SSH access to the NAS's OS and fiddling with the Samba settings.

PsypherPunk I'm using a QNAP T-110 Turbo Nas, I have since after searching found some reviews of the HISense player with loads of reports that it cannot handle 1080p videos when streamed, I have since tried with 720p and it streams fine. Thinking of asking for a refund as it is clearly false advertising.

Hmmm...odd. I can definitely confirm that my Hisense can indeed play 1080p streamed media as I've watched several (after the above mentioned NAS-tweaking). Did you try updating the firmware?

I haven't updated the firmware on the Hisense player yet as there are reports the new firmware messes with the audio out, but to tell you the truth I think I will update it, nothing really to loose.

Thanks for your input in this.

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