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Unlocking device & Tom Tom Navigator 6 Maps [HTC P4550 TyTN II - 148524]


I have tried searching through the forums but cannot find anything on these issues. Does anyone know how to unlock the HTC Tytn II and if so can you please advise me how to do so, obviously I know I can contact my mobile provider and pay stupid money so please don't advise me to take that route.

Also I have the one map on London which i downloaded as a freebie when I first set up navigator 6 on my phone, can anyone advise me of the cheapest place to obtain the western europe maps with the speed camera positions if possible. Also just a thought I have the mobile maps for Tom Tom 5.1 can they be used with Navigator 6? and if so are there any special steps that need to be taken?

If this has been answered in a previous thread please accept my apologies