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USB Device has malfunctioned, Windows can't recognise device. [HTC Touch Cruise - 154612]

My PC suddenly started to display this message when I plugged in my Touch Cruise, and won't connect. Tried changing cables, soft/hard reset, re-load ActiveSync, no success. HTC won't connect to any other computer either. My wife's HTC Touch WILL connect no problem, so will my old imate PDA2, so I don't think it's my PC. It did this once before, and I left the phone on the desk while I wated, in vain, for the company I bought it from to respond to my pleas for support - total waste of time. Plugged it back in to recharge it, and guess what? it worked. All fine for a few weeks, then suddenly repeats the problem. I'm still waiting for the backup battery to discharge before trying again. Anyone else had this problem, and how did you solve it? Thanks

I have been using this phone for a few weeks now and I like it. The main reason I got it was because my old phone was dying and I needed something a little more powerful than what I had. The phone has good battery life, a good camera and overall great usability. I have hired assignmenthelper to write a detailed article in this regard. One thing that is not so great about it is the fact that it does not have expandable memory. It can hold up to 32 GB of data which is enough for most people but if you are someone who likes to take lots of pictures or videos then 64 GB would be better for you.