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Should i buy this phone? [HTC Touch Pro - 169424]

Hi this is to all persons who own a HTC touch pro. This phone definitely looks the business but is it worth the money?

I want to know -

  • is the MSN messenger good?
  • is the qwerty keyboard hard to type with?
  • is the touchscreen good?
  • camera good?
  • memory good?
  • internet fast?
  • on the mail tab can you only read gmail or can you read hotmail via that tab or is there another place where you can you hotmail emails or do you just have to add an application? 
  • The HTC Touch Pro or HTC Touch Diamond?
  • I have also often heard that the screen freezes on you and sometimes doesn't respond to touchscreen, is that true?

Sorry for the amount of questions. Thank you.





  • janp
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Hi Demetria,

I've owned a HTC Touch Pro for two months and my experiences have been nearly all positive. Remember it's a windows mobile device - if the WM philosphy is right for you, then this phone is a good implementation in my opinion.

However be aware that others have experienced issues with this phone (that luckily, I have not) and you should also take their opinions into consideration.


In answer to your questions:


  • I never use MSN messager, I'm more of a Skype kindof guy - sorry.
  • I like the qwerty keyboard, it is responsive, tactile, well lit and well spaced - better than the X1 in my view
  • I like the touchscreen - it is accurate, responsive, bright and the resolution is great
  • I have not used the Camera much - I would say it is adequate, not stunning
  • Memory - I love having this much RAM, it's very liberating! The multitasking is great.
  • Internet with wireless or HSPA is great, otherwise slow
  • No experience of gmail or hotmail - sorry
  • Avoid HTC  Touch Diamond (RAM too low), HTC Touch Pro is the way to go
  • I have never had any issues with my screen freezing




In summary:


The good:

1. Screen: the VGA screen is bright and very responsive

2. Keyboard: is tactile, well lit and responsive

3. Memory: I like to use 5-9 apps in memory at the same time: I don't see why I should have to close down one app to use another (that's why I didn't go iPhone) - even with all my background apps I've never used more that 45% of available memory

4. Stability: my phone has been up for a continuous period of 22 days (I leave the unit on when I charge it) - I've only had one crash since I've started using it (software incompatibility) 

5. Overall package: for some time I have been searching for a combination of a good phone and a good PDA - I believe at last I have found it. Sure there are slicker, nicer looking phones out there - but not with this combination of functionality. A big plus is that you get to create Excel/Word/Powerpoint docs and cut and paste between apps! Try that iPhone!


The average:

1. GPS: although fast (lock acquired in <30s usually), the GPS often has trouble seeing satellites in heavily built-up areas. In dense, inner-central London I usually have to make do with a GPRS fix unless I am in a wide road or on a bridge. Works fine in suburbia or in the country.

2. Phone reception: inside commerical office blocks, or in cellars, the phone often loses the HSPA signal and has to fall back to EDGE or GPRS - the reception definitely seems to be lacklustre compared to my other phones. Although I've never lost a signal completely, been denied a signal or been cut off - except when in a underground tube/metro.

3. Battery  Life: typically 3-4 days with 1.5 PDA use per day, 1 hour phone use per day, continuous bluetooth, no wifi.


The bad: 

1. The Touch FLO user interface is memory hungry, buggy and slow - turn it off and you'll be much happier. I was. 


Good luck!


  • janp
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I forgot to mention speed and build quality.


I have found the HTC Touch Pro to be the second fastest WM phone I have ever owned. All menu commands and screen refreshes are usually sub-second except the start of the bigger apps (Opera, PI). The change from portrait to landscape usually takes 0.5s. So I would rate the responsiveness of the device as good.

Build  quality is OK, but I don't like the fact that the "diamond facets" of the back mean the phone won't like flat on the desk. It can mean, if you use the keyboard one handed, that the devise wobbles on the desk - which is a little annoying.

I think this is a minor flaw though and I'm still happy with this phone.



  • xaviertwav
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1. i;ve used the MSN messenger once and it froze on me lol, had to take the battery out to restart the phone.

2. the keyboard is excellent, good quality and responsive to type with.

3. touch screen.. well it's ok although the touchflo 3d might be a pain in the ass to some. some buttons are abit small to navigate with.

4. camera is quite good in my opinion, although its a 3.2 megapixel camera the peeps on my car forum says its better quality than the 5.0 megapixel phone he has.

5. memory is adequate, although i would strongly advise you to get a SD card for extra storage.

6. Internet is fast over wifi and HSPA.

7. regarding the email fucntion you can recieve new hotmails directly with the tab

8.Touch pro is more like an updated version of diamond, from what i've heard the diamond sucks on both battery life and memory.

9. Yes its true the phone freezes, this happened to me on a daily basis but seems to have resolved over the past 2 days? experience of phone freezing seems to vary.


hope this helps.

  • chris5150
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Contrary to the replies I would not recommend buying this phone at all. worst phone Ive had, my problems have been:-

1) Fully charged battery depletes itself overnight ( yes everyhing is turned off such as wifi/bluetooth etc )

2) Phone hangs & needs battery taking out to restart every other day

3) Camera works intermittantly, usually I get 'camera failed to initilise' when I select it

4) Sometimes screen is unreadable when it wakes from sleep, just a lot of distorted lines, again reboot solves

5) Weather app works sometimes not at other times

I think if you read through the posts on this forum you will see many have experianced the same problems. Yes I have emailled HTC several times, but not once got a reply,..they are next to useless for customer support

So to summarise I would not ever have another HTC product, yes it looks good but it just has not been fully developed before being released IMHO....maybe there are good ones & bad ones out there, maybe I just got a bad one, but as I say looking at the posts here, it appears there are quite a few bad ones!!

Just to add my PERSONAL opinion:

  • MSN Messenger is as good as I've used on any WM device.  Never had an issue with it.
  • Keyboard's nice to use although it's definitely a "hold both sides and use your thumbs" type - there will be no finger touch typing here.  Once you're used to it you can be surprisingly quick (doesn't take long to get used to).
  • Touchscreen's very good.  Considering WM is designed for a stylus, HTC have done very well making so much of the phone finger friendly.  On screen keyboard's amazingly accurate with fingers.
  • Camera on a WM phone will never be as good as a Sony Ericsson top of the range, but in good light it can give the best a run for it's money.  When it gets dark, it suffers from screen slow-down and the LED "flash" isn't up to much (except works brilliantly as a torch).
  • RAM memory's brilliant.  I haven't thought about the memory once since I got it, which says a lot as with my Kaiser and Hermes I always had to watch amount used.  Internal flash is fine at 512Mb total, but if you use the phone without a large microSD card then you're missing out on music and film storage.
  • On board you've got both Opera 9.5 and Pocket Internet Explorer.  Opera is a joy to use and PIE is fine for when you want/need to use it.  WiFi and HSPA are very fast, 3G is fine in use too.  If you're stuck with GPRS in your area, download the free Opera Mini (just go to on the included PIE and select the version WITH certificates) and your internet experience with that will be amazingly good with just GPRS.
  • So far as I know, you can set up any email account on the mail tab.  I've got mine set up with my mail2web exchange server account and my Blueyonder IMAP.  Flicking between the accounts is easy on the TouchFlow.
  • Pro or Diamond?  Depends - do you want a keyboard, microSD slot and more RAM (Pro), or lightness, 4Gb internal flash memory and cuteness (Diamond)?  No right answer, just personal preference.
  • I have had the screen freeze on me twice since I got the phone - both times I'd just put the card in and selected the music tab, it was finding and indexing my 1100 songs, so fair enough.  Beyond that, it's been fast and responsive.  If you want it faster and more reliable, just keep an eye on as some excellent custom ROMs are starting to appear on there.

Short version, if you're happy with the Windows Mobile nature of the phone (add, tweak, enhance, amaze), this is the best (IMHO) out there at the moment.  If you just want to get something out a box, use it and NEVER tweak or improve it, save your money and buy a Sony Ericsson or Nokia.

Hi Janp,

 I am planning to buy HTC touch pro. Can you please tell me your experience about using Skype on HTC Touch pro. Do you use your mobile service provider for using skype or use WiFi for skype?

Also, did you try using audioroute for solving the speaker phone problem of skype?


  • continent
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Hi demetria,


Its good idea to buy a new HTC TOUCH pro . 

Yes ! the MSN messenger is good

No ! Its easy to work with QWERTY keyboard

Yeah ! Touchscreen is good and looks smart

Well ! 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, LED flash. so, camera quality is too good

It contains microSD and 288 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM

Yes internet is fast in HTC .

Mail option is available

I haven't heard the problem : screen freezes in my HTC pro

Note : Unlocked phones are too expensive to buy . Better, you can buy a carrier locked phone and unlock it from any of the online vendors like   to unlock it . Because, the cost of unlocking and  a locked phone's price is low when compared to an unlocked phone . Once, you remove carrier lock from your HTC, you can use it with any other GSM networks internationally .









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