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Touch Pro vs. Cons [HTC Touch Pro - 169424]

  • BadBoyBri
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  • 註冊日期: 10 十一月 2008

Hello fellow HTC Touch Pro owners,

I have had my Touch Pro since November '08. I have Sprint "Simply Everything" plan. And I am not happy with this phone.

Here is a list of the FEW things I Like about the Touch Pro, and a LONG list about the things I Dislike about this phone.


  1. Size: Phone fits nicely in your hand.
  2. Screen Resolution: Nice, clear, crisp picture
  3. Looks: It has a cool, high-tech look, with alittle "bling-bling"
  4. Accessories: Comes with carrying case, 1G MicroSD, stereo headset, USB charger, and extra stylus.


  1. Battery Life: Regardless what the specs say, you ONLY get 3 to 4 hours of Standby time.
  2. TouchFLO 3D: It's SLOW and RESTRICTING. You get a delay or lag as you slide from tab to tab. The phone does unusal things if you try to bypass TF3D and us Windows Mobile Today screen. And you don't have access to any of the TF3D functions.
  3. TouchFLO 3D Customization: There is No Customization to the TF3D layout. It is what it is!!
  4. Opera Mobile Browser: This browser is also slow and confusing, when it comes to Sending, Receiving, and Refreshing. It has limited User Interface that lets you know what it's doing. You can bypass it by using Explorer, but any hyperlinks reverts back to Opera.
  5. Opera Browser Bookmarks: When you create a Bookmark, it's supposed to capture the website icon, but it doesn't do it all the time, and substitutes it with a generic star.
  6. Call Waiting Management: The handling of two calls at once is HORRIBLE and CONFUSING. You never REALLY know who you are speaking too, as you try to switch from one caller to another.
  7. Home screen selections: You only have two choices: Call History and Calender. That's It!! No Customization.
  8. Home screen wallpaper: You can change the wallpaper on the Home screen only. The other tab screens remain blank.
  9. Home screen clock: The clock blocks out most the the wallpaper. You can Flip it out the way, but then you can't see the date.
  10. Call History: It ONLY saves up to two weeks of your previous call log.
  11. Home, Talk, Back, End Key: They don't respond EVERYTIME / All The Time. Sometimes you have to press the keys SEVERAL times before you get a response. Maybe due to the TF3D
  12. Back Key: This key does NOTHING AT ALL!!!
  13. Keyboard Backlight: The backlight time cannot be controlled, and turns off too quickly, if there is a delay in pressing keys. This makes it difficult to type in the dark.
  14. Bluetooth connection: This phone seems to get CONFUSED, LOST, or FRUSTRATED from trying to Multi-task, and will drop the Bluetooth connection at ANYTIME. When you go to the TF3D Settings, it says the Bluetooth is ON, but the icon in the title bar is gone. So you have to do a Soft Reset to make it right. This happens ATLEAST once a day!!
  15. Bluetooth headset usage: When using a Bluetooth headset, you must answer all calls from the headset. Anytime you answer from the phone, the call comes throught the phone, NOT your Bluetooth headset. And dispite the icon showing in the title bar, n
  • Daxman24
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Whats up BB!

Once again here is my list of Pro's and Con's:

How am i going to put this without hurting your feelings? :) The phone is not as bad as you picture it in your previous post but it sure as hell leaves som room for improvement.


Really good, and i mean REALLY good GPS function. I get a sat fix in a matter of seconds when i step outside.
The design of the handset rocks, really subtle package. I get a sense of luxury when i see it :)
The QWERTY keyboard is of real good value and helps me type faster.
It has sufficient power for me to install a mobile webserver and test my php scripts on the go.
Nice details like zooming on to images by drawing a circle around the object you wanna zoom at.
Windows mobile is not too bad either, easy and user friendly.
Has an high grip battery cover which is good. Does not feel cheap at all like the X1.
Power package when it works.


Obviously, awful battery time. I mean AWFUL.
Pretty heavy and not pocket friendly.
Touch Flo 3D is a total disaster. Running Touch Flo keeps my phones CPU at 43% idle while running without it keeps it at 23%.
Frequent lock-ups while using Touch Flo. Shorter battery life.
The lock and unlock keypad function is a total mess, having to repeat the process several times very often just to unlock.
Veeeery scratch sensitive due to shiny fabrication :)
No regular headphone jack. Charger and USB exactly same cable. (Cheap).
When the device is locked you can still turn the sound up and down which turns on the screen and drains the BATTERY!
Useless piece of trash when it doesnt work.
Last but not least their customer service reps are braindead zombies!!

 This is the last time im buyning one of there sooper expensive non working devices. HTC Eat my shorts!!

  • BadBoyBri
  • 投稿: 28
  • 註冊日期: 10 十一月 2008

First of all, my post was cut-off at the bottom. So a couple of Cons aren't showing.


I'm glad to see you like the GPS function on the phone. That's nice, BUT I didn't buy this phone for GPS. That's a bonus, not the Main Reason why I bought the phone. If I wanted GPS I would have bought a Tom-Tom. I want a cellphone that works.

Yes, the QWERTY keyboard IS nice, as long as your in a well lit place or the backlight is still on!!

The picture Zoom is nice, but Not Enough!! I'll trade Battery Life for the picture Zoom. I'll trade for an Unlimited Call History for a picture Zoom. I'll trade BETTER Call Waiting Management for the picture Zoom.

Everything else I agree with!! Except, Brain-dead Zombies have a good excuse and are sometimes nicer!!  ;-)


  • BadBoyBri
  • 投稿: 28
  • 註冊日期: 10 十一月 2008
  1. Photo and Video Tab:
  2. Headset Jack:

If I think of any more Cons, I will just edit this post. The original number was 14.

If more clarification is needed, just ask. I tried to describe each one as best as I can.

I did not include issues that I have with Windows Mobile and problems with some of the applications, like: Instant Messaging, Windows Media, Pictures & Videos, and Audio Booster. Which I can answer apon request.

Due to my Cons list being So Much Longer than my Pros list, is the reason why I am not happy with this phone.

For those of you that like the Touch Pro, please try to convince me that my list of Cons, are NOT important.

  • Step666
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For those of you that like the Touch Pro, please try to convince me that my list of Cons, are NOT important.

How can anyone do that and why would they want to?
It's your list of cons, it's based on your personal opinion/preferences, so how can anyone else change your mind about them?

I will say this though, it sounds like most of your issues could be addressed with a little browsing around XDA-devs.

  • BadBoyBri
  • 投稿: 28
  • 註冊日期: 10 十一月 2008
Step666, No,you won't change my mind, but I would like to hear what you have to say. Tell me, that the battery life isn't that important. Or, who cares about TF3D having lag. Or you don't care about the Call History or customizing your phone.I would like to see you say something like that. I've heard about the XDA-Developers,but I'm real skeptical about their "fixes". I'm concerned that it would makes things worse, than better. Have you used any of their "hacks" for your Touch Pro?
  • Step666
  • 投稿: 2835
  • 註冊日期: 21 九月 2006
Well, if I won't be able to change your mind, then why are you asking people to convince you that your list of cons aren't important?

With regards to the battery life, are you really saying that if you fully charge your handset then switch it off, that 4 hours later the battery is empty?
If that's the case, then it sounds like you have either a faulty handset and/or battery (possibly even the charger, it's hard to say) and you should be looking into having it repaired or replaced under the warranty.

As for TouchFlo, any issues you have with it, I have already recommended looking at XDA-devs.
In fact, if you really want to customise your phone, then you have the option of disabling TouchFlo and using a completely different UI. TouchFlo is not, after all, an integral part of Windows Mobile.

I've never used any of the tweaks available on XDA-devs on my Touch Pro, namely because I do not own a Touch Pro. I have, however, tweaked my Touch HD in quite a few ways and I have barely even scratched the surface.
And you really shouldn't worry about them making things worse - the people over there know what they're doing.

  • Pride
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*That's what you get for getting 'branded' phones* 

 How can your battery life only give you 3-4 hours standby.!!!??? I'm getting 8-9 hours with mild use before my battery even drops one bar.

Do the first two posters have Sprint branded handsets.

Alot of the cons that you both mentioned are just not encountered on my handset. (Although, I have a non-branded/unlocked UK version).

Problem is alot of service providers like to change/add or in a lot of cases remove software and even hardware on phones which can create a lot of problems.

I find it strange that the unlocked version has the forward facing camera for video calling, but taken out of branded ones.

  • LisaADOM
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As a matter of first importance, my post was cut-off at the base. So two or three Cons aren't appearing. 




I'm happy to see you like the GPS work on the telephone. That is pleasant, BUT I didn't purchase this telephone for GPS. That is a reward, not the Main Reason why I purchased the telephone. On the off chance that I needed GPS I would have purchased a Tom-Tom. I need a cellphone that works. 


Indeed, the QWERTY console IS decent, as long as your in a sufficiently bright place or the backdrop illumination is still on!! 


The photo Zoom is pleasant, yet Not Enough!! I'll exchange Battery Life for the photo Zoom. I'll exchange for an Unlimited Call History for a photo Zoom. I'll exchange BETTER Call Waiting Management for the photo Zoom. 


Everything else I concur with!! But, Brain-dead Zombies have a decent reason and are some of the time more pleasant!! ;- )



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