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Can I use a ClipS35 and a USB Bluetooth Dongle with my windows pc and, for example, Skype? [i.Tech ClipS35 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Adapter - 125691]

  • mabr
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  • 註冊日期: 4 四月 2006
There are a lot of "headset+usb dongle" bluetooth products advertised to work with different VoIP softwares, but I'd like to use a (corded) headset I already own - just use the ClipS35 and a usb dongle to "make it wireless". Is this possible? And if so, is it as easy as pairing the adapter and the dongle, installing bundled software and then starting Skype or any other compatible VoIP application? What I would really want is for the adapter/headset to appear as a soundcard in windows with speaker out and microphone in, so I could use my headset with any application like I do today, and listen to for example WinAMP music with it, use the microphone with any other app (maybe TeamSpeak for talking to people during multiplayer games, doing other voice recordings with music recording apps). Does it work this way? Lots of questions... answers will be very much appreciated! =o) Best regards, Mathias
  • Alexdragon
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  • 註冊日期: 6 四月 2006
I think it can be used as an ordinary computer headphone+mic(while actually it works as another soundcard+headset). But all you need is a bluetooth adaptor(USB or in-built)for your computer.
  • timread
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  • 註冊日期: 2 五月 2006
The bluetooth dongle for the pc needs to be A2DP compatible. Mine is and I can play music fine from the pc using media player, but I can't get the headset function to work yet with the PC - still trying; though it works fine with my mobile phone....