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Swedish characters ? [Motorola MOTOFONE F3 - 139429]


I know that this phone was developed to be used in other countries than Sweden, like India.

So my question is basically, can Swedish characters; åäö, be used ?

In both SMS and Phonelist/Contacts.


Thanks in advance.

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Where did you buy the handset? If you bought it in the UK it probably wont have many languages on it being a basic handset.  You may be able to pay someone to flash it with the other languages, but Im really not convinced it would work

I haven't bought the handset, I'm asking about it before I do


I haven't seen this phone anywhere other than user imports on auction sites, or sites like this one (nice price btw).

Note, I don't care if the Menu are in English (it's even a plus) but being swedish I probably wish to send SMS to my swedish friends, and I would need the Swedish characters for that.

Btw, they aren't really "Swedish" characters as other languages also use them aswell, like German, Norwegian, Danish. 


Maybe I should try to get hold of Motorola and ask them, but I figured I'd use this Forum first cause of the fast reply I've seen other people get.