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Issue resolved! [Nextlink Bluespoon Chameleon - 105109]

  • MarkB
  • 投稿: 2
  • 註冊日期: 20 一月 2004
I am pleased to say that the intermitant connection problems between the Nextlink Bluespoon Chameleon and the Siemens S55 phone have now been resolved. In liasing direct with Nextlink in Denmark they advised that there was a known problem and in answer to it had written bespoke software designed specifically for use with the S55. I returned the unit to Denmark (details on return as per the website The headset was returned to me within 7 days all done.. There were other problems i.e with charging but I will reserve comment to see how it goes.. All in all the device now has a much more positive and reliable feel. Incoming calls are now transfered directly to the headset and accepted by one of the two headset buttons., equally outgoing calls are also automatically transfered to the headset without having to invoke "headset use" on each occasion.. A genuine thank you to Nextlink but I do hope that they will make public this information if not just simply to avoid the frustration of future users of the device when used with Siemens mobile phones.