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How to use applications? [Nokia 3300 - 104998]

  • faraz
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  • 註冊日期: 18 九月 2003
Hi all! I just purchased my 3300 last week and have no clue as to how the applications work.I am interested in downloading applications to my mobile esp games such as chess. whats the best way to do this? Thanks
just download the applications to your pc,i use cable to tranfering to your 3300
  • DOC808
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  • 註冊日期: 26 五月 2005
Applications like what?
  • ozzy77uk
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  • 註冊日期: 26 七月 2005
Apps like aftermarket games made by squaresoft and the like (downloads, or game discs you buy off ebay for nokias) some game go into the GAMES menu, other into the APPS, i dont know why, but they work fine!
hi. do you know when i can get free games???

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