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Couple of questions :) [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • jon3sy
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  • 註冊日期: 27 六月 2005
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the answers to these? 1. Is it possible to attatch a handstrap to this phone (my missus wants one, but would like one to out a strap on, she feels safer with one on for some reason lol) 2. How loud is the phone, I have a 6230i, the sms alert is plenty loud enough but when it comes to the ringtones they are very quiet, have to rely on the vibrate function and lastly those who have one, does the stainless steel mark easily as in scratches and fingerprints, had a 6170 and it was shockingly easy to put minor scratches on from placing on my desk and such. Many thanks :D
  • PureUK
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  • 註冊日期: 1 三月 2004
Heres my answers... 1. No possability for a hand strap. Usually the nokias have the little hole for those straps to be put on, but this phone has no such thing. However the phone comes with a suede bag with long draw strings. 2. Not sure how load a 6230i is. All I can say is that the 8800 is as loud if not louder than my 6230. 3. Not sure about scratching as I haven't tried.... Why would I! haha... this review is a long one but has some encouraging results... he says ..... "Making it from steel was the right decision if it had been molded from a less heavy metal like aluminum or titanium alloy, the sense of durability created by the weights would have been lost. As with most stainless steel surfaces, the 8800 is susceptible to fingerprints when touched. The other important question was is the case scratch resistant? During my tests, I tried various sharp metal objects like keys, and staplers but I could not leave any visible scratch mark very impressive!" I read another review where the guy put the phone in a bag with keys and coins and stuff and put it in a waching machine for a minute (Some people have way too much time on their hands!) and he said that he couldn't see a mark left on it. And as I said above, there is a suade bag for it. I don't use the bag, and can't see any scratches or anything.
  • jon3sy
  • 投稿: 19
  • 註冊日期: 27 六月 2005
Many thanks for the answers, the suede bag would probably be nice enough for the missus, instead of a strap, and it seems scratch resistant enough to be put in her bag (along with god knows what else lol :) IOh and thanks for the review link, very useful
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