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O2 start up screen [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • donnyvfr
  • 投稿: 14
  • 註冊日期: 25 十二月 2003
i have a 8800 that was originally on O2 when turning on the phone i get a full screen with O2 in the middle with a blue background and also when turning off the phone a similar one that says O2 goodbye, how do i get rid of these?
  • xeniia
  • 投稿: 2
  • 註冊日期: 3 六月 2019

Have you found a way to remove this? can you guide me? thank

1v1 lol

In my opinion, the issues you raise are still some unclear. I hope in the near future to read more articles from you mobile link

  • JessyWhite
  • 投稿: 1
  • 註冊日期: 25 三月 2020

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