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Nokia 8800 Firmware v3.94 - Important Information [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

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Do not upgrade you firmware to v3.94, as a previous fixed bug is back in this firmware. The bug is the power saving time bar that appears after the screen saver, this really does save power however the bar should move from top to middle to bottom of the screen every few seconds, this is to prevent the bar from burning out on the screen. In v3.94 the bar does not move, as a result it burns out the image on the screen, which is visible on darker backgrounds/images etc. If you do not understand the implications of this, basically it’s damaging the LCD screen!!! Nokia have announced that once a new firmware is issued any damaged screens through this burnout issue will be replaced under warranty. I simply went to get a firmware upgrade on my phone as my Bluetooth connection kept timing out with my PC, this firmware fixed that issue however in the process it damaged my screen!
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