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6310i Expert needed!!! or Car Cradle MCC-1 connection diagram [Nokia CARK-91 Advanced HF Car Kit - 102334]

  • rothsc17
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Hi Everyone!

Does somebody know which of the 14 bottom golden connectors of the 6310i are important for charging?

I want to use the car cradle, MCC - 1 , as a charging unit only. It was perfectly running untill today as a hands free

device, and I would like to convert it to charging only by disabling some of the connectors...



  • justcarkits
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The 2 on the left are the charging pins. Tel: 01753-673500 email:

  • rothsc17
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  • 註冊日期: 2 八月 2009

Thanks for the reply,

I am afraid it is a bit more complicated.. Those two left connectors are not enough...

The strange thing is: When I put it in the cradle with all the connectors - the charging works great, it says "charging" when

connected and the battery indicator shows it is. 

When I disable all connectors but the two lefts - it says "charging" and immediatly stops, for

some unknown reason, so the battery indicator stays still...

I guess the easiest way would be to purchase a discrete car charger, I am just trying to avoid this since

I like the cradle...

If somebody knows how to handle this MCC-1 cradle I would be more than happy to know..




  • scousesnail
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  • 註冊日期: 25 十一月 2009
Did you sort out your query, just wondering why you only want to charge and not use the hands free function.  I have converted my kit to accept my nokia N73 and all works perfectly except the radio mute function.
  • agrey
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