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Love This E90 - If Only It Would Remain Stable! [Nokia E90 Communicator - 146170]

  • DustyBin
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Once again I Nokia have come up with a phone that packs a lot in, and hopefully it will prove a good upgrade from my E70 which served me very well but is giving up the ghost (due to heavy - and I mean *heavy* usage).

I bought the E90 last week for the second time (I sent the first one back as it was just too flaky and I didn't want to get into servicing it) and though this one has performed fairly well over the last week, I am getting a few too many occasions where combinations of programs lock up the phone, shutdown while in the background or require battery-removal.

 It seems to happen with Web, Messaging and GPS (these are the programs I tend to use most) and it is very annoying. Is there anything anybody can suggest in order to reduce this, and is it something that other users are having a problem with?

My firmware is: v7.24.0.3, 12-6-07, RA-6, Nokia E90 01

Like I said, the phone is excellent in terms of design, use and range of programs, but if these problems continue over the next week, then Expansys, I'm afraid you're gonna get this one back too.

 Thanks in advance.

  • dawsonas
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Well you could try updating your firmware via the nokia software updater. latest one is V07.40.1.2. I've not had mine lock up yet
  • Lolo4ka
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