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New FW 4.10 available for download! [Parrot CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Car Kit - 112175]

Here the Release Notes: List of changes: ---------------- Version 4.10 (05/01/03): - Added phonebook synchronisation for Nokia phones - Added possibility to delete contacts sent by object push - Better sound quality for distant caller - Prevent a synchronisation failure with some phones (K700, Z1010) - Reduce noise at the end of a call with some phones - Reduce noise when dialing from the car kit with some phones - Fixed possible locks when using a very large phonebook According to their Compatibility Tables (Customer Care - Help Files - Phone Features) the full Autosync of the 6230 is now supported. Have Fun!
  • bigchris
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Ok, Now I've downloaded it how do I upload it to the box!?!? Can I put it on my phone with a computer datalink and send it via bluetooth or do I have to get it done professionally? Cheers Chris
  • j4ck4l
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Did install the new firmware with a bluetooth connection from my laptop. Autosync between carkit and 6230 works. What a relief! Better sound quality is confirmed by some friends so this firmware has proven useful so far.
i've got the same problem but i want to know how do I upload it to the box? Can I put it on my Dell x50v with bluetooth and then send it via bluetooth or do I have to get it done by the professionals or any other way???
Anyone with a Bluetooth enabled PC / Notebook can do the Update. Visit the Parrot Homepage and download the flashfile (ck3x00.ulp) and the Parrot Bluetoth Flash Update Program. Here's a very short How-to: 1. Pair PC/Notebook with Car-Kit. With XP SP2 Bluetooth Stack simply Right-Click on Bluetooth Symbol in system tray and choose "Add Device". Go through Wizard and manually set the Bluetooth Pin to "1234" - pairing should now complete, watch Display of Car-Kit for confirmation. 2. Set the Parrot to "Software Update Mode" in the Advanced Settings. 3. Start Flash Update Wizard (after Installation) and go through wizard (most is self-explaining) - when asked which connection should be used choose "Bluetooth Connection" (do not choose "Bluetooth Virtual Serial Port" unless you have connected it and asigned a COM Port - e.g. with Widcomm BT Stack. Possibly you have to establish that Virtual Serial Connection before the Update). Update should finish after appr. 2-3 Minutes and the Car-Kit will reboot (wait at least 30s). Have fun. ;-)
  • Joanna78
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