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I need to figure out how to mute my factory stereo in a 02 Nissan pathfinder. What do the Line Out wires coming out of the kit do? Do they provide a 12v output when a call is recieved or made? Is it correct that the Yellow mute wire is a ground wire used to ground out what it is connected to? There is a 8 pin din plug on the back of my radio that is for a non exsistent entertainment system. If I can get 12volt output out of the CK3100 I can hook that into the din plug which will throw my radio into Aux mode there by muting the sound. I can also hook the speaker wires into the Din plug and that will accomplish everything at the same time. I just need that damn 12volt output. If I buy a relay to ground out the powe supply to the radio can you recommend a relay? I have installed many car stereos but this thing is tripping me up because I don't know how the mute feature works.
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The line out +/- are audio lines. They provide a low level signal to stereos that have Tel+/- inputs. The Yellow mute connection is an active ground when a call is in progress. Normally it is connected to the mute input on the stereo, which will be idle high (low when muted). Depending on the stereo it can be a logic level of 5V or upto 12V. Do not connect mute line directly to 12v supply. Would use a relay to invert the mute - connect one side of coil to 12V, the other to the yellow mute line. Connect the relay common contact to 12v via a 100r to 1K resistor and then use the n/o cotact to feed 12 switched signal to stereo. You might have to use Line+/- to feed the stereo audio inputs, as the speaker level is probably to high and is DC coupled. Tel: 01753-673500 email:
Any ideas where to pick up those parts? My local Radio Shack sucks.
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I doubt that 12 volts will throw your radio into auxiliary mode. You might want to consult a stereo shop that works on Nissan. Most modern radios use a data bus signal to be able to switch to AUX mode and besides, you don't want to have to press the AUX button on your stereo when a call comes in. If you can get a pinout of the entertainment connector, you are really looking for 3 pins if they exist: cell mute, tel in (+) and tel in (-). That would make your install a thing of beauty. See this Maxima diagram for the Bose model that accepted a telephone properly. The "tel signal" is merely a ground that the Parrot mute wire provides and the + and - would be the thin green and brown wires respectively:

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