Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Dual-SIM SM-N9750 – 支援討論區 立即購買 – HK$6,799

PH Delivery and Additional Fees [Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Dual-SIM SM-N9750 - 318376]

Hi! I am aware that after buying from this site but I have a few questions regarding the process.

  • Does FedEx deliver the item to my doorstep or do I have to go to the Customs Bureau to get it?
  • Is it like DHL where they pre-pay the additional fees for you?
    • If yes, what fees are they paying for?
  • Expansys_SEA Staff
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  • 註冊日期: 11 九月 2013

Fedex is used for deliveries and delivery direct to your door step. Fedex will contact with you in advance to arrange collection of any payable duty. Customs dutiy is about 12-15 of the order value. Please contact your local Fedex for more accurate amount and first hand information. Thanks.