Samsung Galaxy S10+ Dual-SIM SM-G9750 – 支援討論區

Is this version compatible with Japanese Osaifu Keitai FeliCa) mobile money? [Samsung Galaxy S10+ Dual-SIM SM-G9750 - 315656]

Is the Hong Kong version compatible with Japan's mobile money service "Osaifu Ketai" for using transport cards etc.)?

This device supports NFC so that feasible with mobile payment based on reading bar/QR code.

On the other hand, please double check the Japanese specific mobile payment service as Osaifu Keitai ) if it requires dedicated built-in chip in the device.

If so, the device can't support to proess.

Hope this helps.



  • CathyTull
  • 投稿: 1
  • 註冊日期: 22 六月 2022

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