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Samsung D500: help???!!! Password problems.. [Samsung SGH-D500 - 116173]

Hi, I really need some help!!!!!!!!! :( I have a Samsung D500 and I had put a password for everything that I could (phone, media, etc) but then I changed the password and now I forgot it!!! :mad: Now my phone is turned off, I tried to put it on but I have to put in the password, don't I? :hmh: I tried some numbers but now I've given up.. What can I do?????!!!!! :( HELP????!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! ...I even called 'SOS' but didn't realise it was 999 -___-;
  • kenkira
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  • 註冊日期: 30 四月 2005
try *2767*2878# this will reset your password
I tried it but it won't work :( Remember, my mobile is turned off (sigh) and locked so I need my password to actually turn it on. :( Crap eh? Help??? :(
  • kenkira
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  • 註冊日期: 30 四月 2005
Do it without your simcard in it. it will say "insert sim" then enter the code
Oh my god! It worked! Although all of my contacts and display settings have been reseted, everything's back!!!! :D Thank you so much, kenkira! You really did make my day!!!!! :D
Wow this also worked on my samsung d520. Many many many thanks. I still have my photos and numbers it just deleted my messages.
  • frostyone
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is there a code to reset my memory, i have a large file in there that i cannot view on my phone but is taking up space. i can see it from my pc via bluetooth but cannot delete it! many thanks Frosty
  • chrisws
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  • 註冊日期: 24 十一月 2006
hey can enyone help me please i tryed and change network but tryed to many password''s and now my phone is freezed what do i do now to be abel to enter my phone please i realy need my phone
  • moss!
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  • 註冊日期: 13 十二月 2006
hey! can anyone help me!?!? i lost my privacy password now i can''t go into my files or my messages please can anyone help relpy please
  • king_r
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  • 註冊日期: 26 十二月 2006
I have tried reseting everythin else and used all the reset coeds i have found here but still its showing phone freezed. When i did the reset with the code above it showed somethin e2p Custom reset, don''t think this is a factory reset so how can i do that?
  • whoguswo
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  • 註冊日期: 29 十二月 2006
omg i have a d520 and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am soo happy thank yuo soo much!!!!!! my friend found out the pass then i forgot!!! then i looked here i thought it wouldnt work because it was for d500 but it did i put down the puk number an viola!!!! done!!!! than kyou soo much u saved me kenkira!!!
  • punk
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Thah F**king code worked maaaaaaaaan.I recieved the d500 from my girlfriend father and he found it but it was passworded and i couldn#t do anything.For a half a day i tried to guess the password but i belive that the man who lost it was serbian(by the mp3''S he had i figured that out).than i found this forum and i followed the instructions and it worked.thanx very much